Condensed Milk

1 kg x 24 Tins / carton
Loading quantity is 1000 cartons per 20 ft container

Sweetened Condensed Creamer

Featuring a delicately balanced sweet and milky profile, Custom Condenz from Changzhou Redsun is a suitable replacement for liquid condensed milk. With a superior shelf life and better consistency, the product is widely used in the production of beverages as well as in baking.

Advantages: Rich flavour & aroma
  Good solubility
  Easy to handle & operate
  Easy to store
  Easy to handle
  Stable shelf life


Applications : Coffee, Milk Tea, Chocolate Drinks, Ice Cream, Puddings, Cakes, Bread Filling.


ITEM 100g NRV%
 Energy 1941KJ 23%
 Protein 6.0g 12%
 Fat 20.0g 27%
 ——trans fat 0g  
 Carbohydrate 78.0g 26%
Na 260mg



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