Yard Visitation

TOP INVEST APS offers visit to our manufacturing & distribution facilities and we would love for you to join us.

Please note that although visiting us is important, You should note that you will need a letter of invitation with a processing fee of EUR 285 per person to come which will cover the hotel reservation and mobility services at the time of arrival.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider a visit:

  1. A Picture is only worth 1000 words.
    A lot can get lost in translation. A product’s physical attributes like material quality and construction are easily seen at the factory. While design concepts don’t always translate through diagrams and photos, in-person discussion while looking at an actual unit, can be very powerful when it comes to having a better understanding. In addition, seeing how the product or material is produced could make servicing in the future easier to perform.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, the experience of seeing and touching a product is worth more than a thousand pictures.

  1. You can’t cover everything in program data or cataloged info.
    You have the opportunity to see items not featured online or in the catalog. We are always working on special projects. Being at the factory allows you to see their flexibility and ability to adapt to unique applications first hand.
  2. You’ve got questions, they’ve got answers.
    Yard visitation give you a chance to have questions answered directly by factory personnel. We gleans deeper insight into customer needs which can cause product changes and innovation.

The introduction to our direct contact could also be beneficial for answering future questions. An open dialog is always the best way to a solution.

  1. A day away from the daily grind can lead to new insights and renewed focus in your job.
    Let’s face it. We are all worn out. Let us help.

Depending on the time you have available, we can make our factory visits surprisingly short, while still giving you the full benefit. If you’re more interested in planning a slower paced trip with some built in downtime, we’re always looking out for additional activities to attend where our factories are located. Either way, our trips always include plenty of good food, fun, and great conversation regarding our line of businesses.

  1. There’s always something new
    If you have already been to one of our factories, don’t worry, we’d love to take you again. There’s always something new for you to see if it’s been more than a few months since your last visit. With new and innovative products always being designed and tested, you never know what you’ll see!

Ready to go? Book a trip today! Contact us via our WhatsApp +45 36 98 75 14 to let us know when you want to visit us and we will check then inform you if its possible or not since there is restriction with visitation at the moment due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


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