Terms of Payment

Payment Condition:
You are required to make a 40% Deposit on order and signed invoice, 35% on draft copies of shipping documents and tracking information of shipment and the balance of 25% after confirmation of quantity and quality at destination port.

Please Note!
Balance will be paid within 14 business days after receiving delivery at destination port / address.

Cancellation of Order:
Cancelling of order after payment is acceptable upon a signed request from the client using his or her business letterhead..

Regular Supply:
Regular supplies are not permitted for sales within Denmark because we already have companies distributing for us here in Denmark which we have signed an agreement with!

Trail Order:
All trail orders are small orders ranging from 1 ton to 10 tons and the payment will be T/T negotiable depending on the quantity involved as we may urge the client to make a 100% T/T against our trail order invoice for all amounts below EUR 2,000.

Test Sample:
We offer samples for all our products but our clients have the obligation to provide us with your courier account which will enable us to forward the sample without paying for the freight cost from our side. Note that clients without a courier account will be prompted to pay for their courier freight cost directly to us.

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